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Chef’s mussels
In tomato sauce, saffron, flambées with pastis and brandy
Goat cheese three ways (v)
Pistachio butter, pistachio candy

Chicken terrine
Cornichon, hazelnut and black truffle dressing, celeriac remoulade

Achill organic smoked salmon
Beetroot remoulade, dill and mustard dressing, pickled red onion


Duck leg confit
Orange confit, glazed carrots, celeriac and beetroot shaving

Pulled beef brisket
Parsnip purée, parsnip crisp, onions confit, red wine gravy

Ricotta and spinach ravioli (v)
Sage butter, parmesan and gruyere cheese

Glazed pear and blue cheese salad
Pine nuts, serrano ham, Roquefort, balsamic and honey dressing

Big bowl of chef mussels
In tomato sauce, saffron, flambee with pastis and cognac


Pistachio and white chocolate crème brûlée

Lemon tart